Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beware of the hidden breezes, they just might give you new opportunities.

Does change come easy for you? Well if you were born and raised in New England is surely doesn't flow freely for most people. There is an overwhelming FEAR that takes over a good portion of our population when faced with a life change. Some people that I know find that the FEAR of CHANGE paralyzes them even to the point of not making any decisions. They become stuck in a job, in a relationship or in a lonely existence.

Well I am the big exception to that. Yes, I have lived in NE all my life; yes, I have come from a very stable family; yes, I think at least, that I am fairly intelligent.

But give me a new challenge and I am off to the races. I may not always Zig, when I should Zag, and there are times when I certainly did not make the right move. But even in the face of adversity I look for the silver lining until the tiniest hint of a glimmer shows. Then watch out, the direction I take will be forceful. As a former boss once told me, I head Due North!

Recently I made a huge Zig and now have to totally recreate my career path. I let a decision I made 5 months ago nearly ruin a 30 plus year in my beloved industry. Let's not get into specifics but consider the Zig hidden breezes, from the winds of changes, that may have initially threw me off my game, but lifted a bit of a veil for me to see that glimmer of silver again. This time though, the glimmer is appearing to be a lot bigger and brighter.

I have no choice but to go forcefully and excitedly toward that silver. In the coming weeks and months I will let you know what that is, but for now, can I tell you? I am so happy for the opportunity!